Amazon is the best online platform that is not beneficial only for buyers but also the sellers. The sellers have different plans, and features to sell their products on this online store. But main concern when choosing to sell on the Amazon platform is either to choose an individual seller account or a professional seller account. As a new seller without any doubt, you can choose the individual seller account. Later, you can switch to a professional seller account whenever you want to scale your business. If you want to know is amazon professional seller worth it, then read the points that are given below.

No restrictions for selling products:

First of all, as a seller you may prefer to sell huge items for higher profits. But if you choose only an individual seller account, then you may not be allowed to sell certain products. If you have a professional account, then you could sell in all categories including automotive products, jewelry, collectibles, and many others. If you are interested in certain products to sell on Amazon, then you should check whether it falls under individual or you have to consider a professional account.

Subscription fee:

Many would consider subscription would be higher for them to sign up for a professional account. But one should understand that selling products on an individual seller account required one to pay a commission fee whenever one sells an item. If you sell few products, then you would reach the subscription fee. But if you choose a professional account, you have only a subscription fee to pay.

Third-party applications:

If you want to enhance your online business, then you may have to use the third-party applications that would be more helpful for you to find the best selling products, choose the right categories, and helps in many other ways. If you choose the individual seller account then you are not able to use the third-party services. This is one of the significant reasons that you should consider switching to a professional seller account.

Buy Box eligibility:

One of the best aspects about upgrading to a professional seller account is that you would get a chance to win Buy Box. This is not possible if you sign up for an individual seller account. If you could win the Buy box, then it is more helpful for you to increase the sales by outselling the competitors. Thus, the above are a few reasons that gives the answer for your question is amazon professional seller worth it.