Firstly before buying a second hand vehicle from others you should frame a list of your requirements and range of you and how much you can afford and you even know about a few other details about the vehicle orelse you may land up buying a wrong and bad condition vehicle.

Proper research  and vehicle check on the vehicle you want to buy, by getting information from the owner of the vehicle and few websites offers you to check and message you details even by following the you can get information.

  • Check for any scratches or metal corrosion because if there are scratches and corroded metal in large places it may further lead to vehicle damage so it would be better to avoid buying such vehicles but small small corroded areas and non painted areas is fine to consider so look into it properly and estimate.
  • Guessing by looking at few parts : If you want to know whether the vehicle had got any big repair issues or met with an accident just looking up and down and observing few things is necessary and  like looking after the bumper and looking at the hoods present below and you know easily if any new screws or any other nuts are used.
  • Tyre of the vehicle : The tires of the vehicle should be in good condition and it is important to remember that all the tires of the vehicle would get worn out equally because all tyres are used at a time for driving and without proper seating of tyres the vehicle may lead to imbalance and condition of the car I’d considered to be poor.

  • Check for mileage of the vehicle : Many details are required for buying a used vehicle and condition to be checked and even how many kilometres the vehicle has traveled and after traveling those many kilometres now how much mileage is coming can be checked.
  • Check whether other gadgets in the car are working properly or not, many vehicles are there with music player and FM in them and try to operate them. And check to know whether they are in working condition or not because the buttons may be spoiled and when pressed they may not work.
  • Check the vehicle Condition by bringing your own trusted and experienced mechanic so that he may tell you the correct condition of that vehicle so that you can decide whether you can buy or not.

By checking for all these above mentioned points you can surely buy a best second hand vehicle which is would surely be a best buy for you.