India is a county famous for a variety of movies produced by the Indian film industry every year. The quality and quantity of movies produced every year are spectacular. The content of every movie is unique and interesting. There are multiple regional and local film industries flourishing under Indian cinemas. The Telugu movie industry is the most prominent one producing many movies, sometimes even surpassing the figures of Bollywood. Telugu industry, though being under Indian cinemas, gives a big competition to the glamourous world of Bollywood. Telugu movies are amusing yet inspirational. They are famous for their comedy content because of which people enjoy watching them more. Telugu movies are also famous for their action scenes which are quite thrilling and exciting. Every year new talents are recruited, and fair chances are given to the freshers to showcase their capabilities. The visual effects in Telugu movies are amazing; every action scene holds the capability to leave the viewer stunned. The performance of every actor and actress is convincing in almost every movie. The supporting cast also never fails to capture the heart of the viewers.One of the most-watched web series on aha is Sin. You can watch Telugu webseries online on aha app.


Sin is a 2020 Romance/ Infidelity/Love Triangle-based Telugu language web series produced by SharathMarar under Northstar Entertainment and written and directed by Naveen Medaram, starring JenifferPiccinato, Thiruveer Reddy, Deepti Sati, and Ravi Varma. It premiered on the digital platform Aha on 1st April 2020. It is an adult rated web series that consists of seven episodes. The story revolves around an NGO worker Anand, a lustful young man, having a vicious soul from the inside, but knows how to sugarcoat his words in front of others. Nandita, a naive woman who marries Anand and tries to have a decent marital life with him, and Neena, a foreign returnee who joins Anand’s NGO. In the name of marriage Nandita, often tolerates abuses from his husband. Neena falls into Anand’s sugar trap and confesses her feelings to him which leaves Anand clueless. Anand being a flirt, maintains an extramarital affair with Neena. Learning about Anand and Neena’s affair, Nandita is left heartbroken and loses all hopes of making things right between her and Anand. Caught in emotional turmoil over an abusive marriage and husband’s extramarital affair, Nandita tries to overcome everything.

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