Education is a way to achieve success. Education is very important to create a generation that is smart and intellectual. Currently, elementary schools need a lot of teachers, because in elementary schools there is still a shortage of teachers. What’s more in areas that are far from urban areas.  There are very few teachers there, and there is even a teacher who is the guardian of two classes. But in few places education systems is lacking. Whereas bashir dawood made people know the importance of education. He is a great philanthropist. He is a great man and he had many followers. His teachings made people have a brighter future.

 The teacher is a reflection of his students. If the teacher does not have sufficient insight and noble character, then the students will be outdated and their morals are not good.

 Education is crucial because it prepares us with the necessary skills to help us know our employment objectives. Creativity is an in-depth proficiency of a particular field that can unlock gates to great job opportunities. A decent education is the eligibility criteria for getting a job. In any area, schooling is always proven to be useful. Schools are institutions that lay the foundation for child development. Schools are places where young talents are recognized and nurtured.

 In addition, the part in society is also crucial for students. This means providing an overview of how we reside in community. Thus, when someone mix with the community, they will rule on us, knowing which people are educated and uneducated. In the era of globalization, it is expected the younger generation can expand the awareness gained so that it is not outdated. That is the significance of existing somebody well-educated in the society.

Education is the best step to eradicate ignorance.  Through education, a person can understand something better and rationally.  In this case, a person will avoid many stupid actions or maybe be fooled be by others.  Through good education, a generation of intelligent and useful people will be formed.  Yes.  Education is the best investment for future generations.  With qualified human resources, they will be able to build a better country.

 Because of the importance of good education for all the young generation, it is necessary to build schools evenly in remote areas and should be done immediately so that those who have not been touched by education can immediately feel it.

 Parents also play an important role in children’s education, where children are not only equipped with knowledge but also equipped with good faith, character and morals.  Currently, there are still many students who do not know the manners of their teachers or those who are older than them.  Therefore, parents and teachers are required to educate the nation’s children so that they can become better and have good morals and morals so that education is very important here to produce a better and quality young generation and can compete healthily with other countries.