At the beginning of my career I read a lot of articles about fashion and style, which were usually dominated by two extremely different approaches: either ” we necessarily want to keep up with fashion by choosing the latest trends for my wardrobe ” or ” we do not want to succumb to trends choosing a timeless classic. ” It is similar in practice. Some customers say, “I don’t want to be addicted to fashion,” while others ask, “What’s up now?” None! The point is that a compromise should be sought in our relationship with fashion, style, and also with our own beauty and our own needs. Only then will we create an image that is current and interesting, and at the same time, comfortable.

Fashion vs. Style

Fashion and style are based on two completely different philosophies. The main goal in working with style is to emphasize your own beauty. Hence all ideas related to color analysis (we need to choose the colors in which the face is radiant) and silhouette analysis (we have to focus on styles that mask imperfections). In this sense, style is above all, a list of rules that each of us should follow to look good. Does it help you build your own style? Unfortunately, not always. Despite the fact that the final image will abound in flawless color combinations or thoughtfully chosen elements of clothing styling, it may not be appropriate to current times or have nothing to do with our personality at all.

fashion harmonize with style

Expand your knowledge and experiment with clothing styles!

Fashion is, in turn, new ideas and inspirations that can relate to combining styles, materials, colors, patterns, unusual ways of wearing, fastening, or innovative materials finishing techniques. There is a lot of courage, experiments, and freedom in fashion. Fashion is a large dose of real life, because ubiquitous trends do not arise by accident, but are only a response to what is currently happening in society.

Reading fashion is a science you can learn for years. Fashion is primarily a philosophy of image. Creating the right styles of clothes requires the right knowledge. You will not look fashionable just by putting on a fashionable “green” color (because magazines say that this color is on top) or choosing one of the checkered jackets (many of which hangs in stores) if you do not understand how these elements must interact with the whole. Fashion is not always “classically” beautiful. Quite the opposite: fashion often creates new standards of beauty, femininity, or masculinity. Fashion is hundreds of trends and hundreds of different styles, so everyone will surely find something suitable for them and create thanks to the styles of clothes that will meet their expectations.